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Solar winds, created by solar flare ups on the sun, are in their first year of the 11-year cycle trending up. Major physiological impact is in the field of cardiology, psychiatry and migraine conditions . Myocardial infarcts (heart attacks) follow these flare-up patterns and extensive research indicates a strong correlation between solar activity and psychiatric illnesses and migraine attacks.

Solar Wind
GREEN: low solar wind – minimal effect
YELLOW: moderate solar wind – modest physical & atmospheric effects
RED: high solar winds – significant health effects

GlobalWarFightersMedWeather™ (GWFMW™) – Genesis

War fighters and weather have a hand-on-sword relationship with weather that goes far back in time.

John F. Fuller – Aberdeen Proving Grounds – Meteorology - most excellent documentation of how weather and success in war - or failure - turned on weather factors. This chart has been upgraded by our research staff to include Bastogne of WWII, Chosin Reservoir, Korea and other major military events that turned on weather factors

Today, weather and warriors is not just about extreme heat or excruciating cold, deep snow or enervating humidity – it is about how weather affects the war fighter physiologically and throughout a spectrum of impact areas . . . attention span – reaction time – cardio-vascular impact – solar flares – migraines – asthma and arthritis to mention some of the key bioclimatological and biometeorological factors.

GWFMW™ forecasts span the globe and can give not only the individual war fighter daily data critical to the success of his or her mission but put this data into the hands of the Command and Control apparat to provide a top-down view of how present or impending weather can determine success or failure on the field of battle.

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